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The designs we create are not just the one your customers scroll through, we ensure that it always tells a brand story and that they hang on to it a bit more to experience and interact more with your services. Below are a few of our client UI UX design projects, varying from mobile applications to web apps.

Natures basket 01.jpg

Natures Basket

A one of a kind grocery app where in the User Interactions where a crucial  part of the business. The app was successful in  amassing almost 500 plus users in the first day of its launch and still counting.

Warby Parker

A designer specs brand that took the desktop interphase to the next level with out keen eye for designs and attention to details.

Warby parker_01.jpg

Bella & Duke

We got the opportunity to work with Bella & Duke to redesign their UI and landing pages. We didn't leave any stones unturned.

Car Pool 

One of a kind, car pool app researched and designed from scrape. It typically allows the users to pool the vehicles that crosses users routes daily or occasionally.



Mobile application designed to help users book personal grooming sessions either at their on home or at the salon.


An E-learning platform for the employees to schedule and learn new skills through online courses at their convenience.

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