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The Story Board Using Inspiration Grid

Being a special project from a start-up client, we wanted to give them awesome work, which covered all realms of their services including their flagship services in Blockchain, which was being launched eventually. Hence we approached this project more dynamically, using mostly the frames we saved up from some of our favorite projects out in the market. To mitigate the budget, and the dynamic nature of the project we started straight with the animation and designing together after the storyboard and the style frames that were submitted got, approved. This gave us a lot of scopes to experiment with and try out some of the beautiful and inspirational frames we always wanted to try in alignment with the script we wrote for the project. We would define this one as a total of inspiration, improvisation, and impulsive and agile creativity. A project with a mix of 2D and 3D elements.


Shahin Aziz

Story Board 
Shahin Aziz

Shahin Aziz

Shahin Aziz

Voice Over
Sarah N

Ambient Chill Music

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